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on my caller Id only shows a call from they left a message to call this #Thank you, Riegina, for this post- I received a similar message today (with a different female name) on my cell phone- She left her name, but no information about what company she was calling from, and that she had a client that needed my address to update their records- She also left a claim number, but no information about the client- The message ended with the same "Robert, you have been notified" message that you received too- I checked on one site for the legitimacy of the phone number () - online and there was no record available for that number- The phone number of the lady that left me the message just came up as "unknown number" on my cell phone- I received a similar message from a man a couple of days ago with a similar message to call an number to get my updated address- I am certain the calls are connected and that man called my phone numerous times (over times within a minute) and each time it came up "unknown caller-" He mentioned at the end of the call that I had "been served-" By law, you cannot be served over the phone, so that instantly told me that this was a scam- And now that I know others, like you, have received a similar call, I am confident that I did the right thing by not answering either call- Sadly, it is just annoying that they continue calling and have only left messagesthis is the company i found that owns the number if anyone else would like to file a complaint the maine company is based out of colorodo Level Communications, Inc Company Profile Add Company To List View Lists Add View Note Add Contact View Contacts Add to Company Profile Set Company Alert I received a card stating I had won a gift card from Target Walmart- I called the number , that was on the card, and I talked with a lady (Michelle Dsilva) who told me that I had to pay - to get the card- After I signed up with her, she told me I had to speak to her supervisor who requested the same information I had already given- During this conversation, I told him I no longer wanted the gift card, and I hung up- I was called back more than times from the , When I checked my voice message, I was told that my card had been authorized for the - payment- When I tried to call this number back, I was unable to reach anyone- I checked my bank account today, and so far, I do not see any activity for this payment Called me times I- A row and even after answering times and very very rude and blunt with the person they continue to call and say they want to refund money for computer services that I never purchased- It is a scami receive this call just few minutes ago but i didn't pick it up- why do these silly people (Ads commericial) keep calling my home phone? it will only make people feel disgust about them Some weirdo just left a voice mail- Stating he knows I can not come to the phone and he does not want me to get my prescriptions anywhere else, What a pervert-If he calls back I will have the traced and forward information the the Sheriffs office Admin Edit: "It's a SUSPECT message"_________________________________hey i got the same call and they said the same thing- and they are not lying about it- i did receive a free dvd and booklet for free- i dont know but its free Called us today- Lady with heavy accent said she was from "Official Small Business" and was calling to update the information for my listing- I said I wasn't listed with them and she said as a small business, I was- She immediately began asking me questions about my company- I learned a long time ago, never answer yes to anything because sometimes they edit the conversation and record it- It then sounds as if you are giving approval to whatever they're selling- Instead, I turned the questioning around on her and asked if she had a web site, and she hung up on mecalled and left message indicating just needed to talk- Called the number , While waiting for operator to pick up the recording indicated that it the company was a debt consolidation company called Dynamic recovery solutions This is not a real debt collection number this is a team of scam artist they called me pretending to be a lawyer and telling me I owed money for a past loan and that I would be put in jail if I did'ent pay it that I would be put in jail so I payed half of the debit and agreed to make payment arrangements with the company, during that time I started to look into this company because I did not remember ever getting a loan for such a large amount so after contacting the person that was supposed to be handling my case (Michael ) who was very rude to tell me he wou process a refund and it would take up to hours I called today and got hung up on than transferred to what seemed to be a general voicemail I called back and the number was giving me a disconnection message so I called from a different number and got through to the same voicemail than received a disconnection message from that number as well these people are sicking Update to this, I figured out that they gained access to my parents' computer by duping them into remote access (holding the Windows key down while also pressing R to get to admin commands)-I also found a video someone made of dealing with these idiot scammers: www-youtube-com watch?va CBrk VMEFor each one of us here, there must be hundreds more who haven't thought to search this out or post about it- Please, if you're reading this, report this scam to the FTC:www-ftccomplaintassistant-gov FTC_Wizard-aspx? The calls stretched out over several months, but died off toward early summer after he continually demanded to be passed to the callers?Trace mobile phone number caller name address details for mobile phone number series 4248357.The mobile phone tracker has traced 4248357 operator and location.s Office Online Complaints: governor-oregon-gov Gov contact-shtml These people are relentless- They are calling about joining a medical malpractice class action suit- They have not taken my name off of their call list, even though I have requested it three times- It is pointless to let them utter even one word- They are going to keep calling, no matter what EDC Electrical Distribution & Controls East Airport Dr # San Bernardino, CA () -edcelectricaldistributionca-com EDC Electrical Distribution & Controls is providing Transformer Supplies, Electrical Supply, Electrical Contractor, Electricians, Electrician services in San Bernardino, CA since Call () - now Electrician, Electrical Supply, Electrical Contractor, Transformer Supplies, Electrical Services Bud Fergusonemail rec'd a call, the caller repeatedly called me uncle- I did not recognize the voice and asked who he was- Kept calling me uncle and asking me to guess who he was- Acted like he knew me- Asked questions about other family members- I told him to identify himself first, because I had no clue- When I would not answer his questions he hung up- Lots of back ground noise in Spanish- He sounded like a prison gang banger- English was definitely not his first language Claims to be a life insurance company called American Insurance on my caller id- Tried to call multiple times to cancel appointment and no one ever answers?Day, evening- No matter what time you try to call- Multiple transfers, which leaves you at a voicemail?

9054483 mobile phone number series is operated by ROGERS. To trace a mobile phone number from 9054483 series, search mobile phone number above.

I just recieved the phone call today- Same MO as the one above, couldn't understand a word he said and the phone kept cutting out strangely- Said I had a lone out from us cashnet and that i was going to be taken to court- I guess I am waiting on a subpoena, LOLHave fun against these scammers, Answer your phone as your local police department, Detective Jones, FRAUD division- You will have them squirming and your number will be dumped from their list faster than a bee on honey I got a call from this number a indian accents guy said someone will come at my mobile shop for investigation- They trying to threatening me-I want to tell u something guys if u reading this U monther, I will your sister with my donkey dick To Christie: Sweetheart, go back and finish high school and learn about the laws of this countyr,no debtors prisons,one of the reasons our forefathers left England- What CA do you work for ??

What HAS TO HAPPEN if a ca wants to sue is that you will be served a summons to appear in court- If you do not appear in court, you will likely lose the case be default- If you do appear in court, you can argue your side of the case- If you lose then, you have a judgement placed against you- If you still do not pay, your creditor may do an asset search on you and if it is determined that you have assets that would cover the debt, your creditor must again go to court and get a summary judgement for that case and then start that procedure for getting your assets- This all might take years,certainly months- They can not come to your home and pick you up and take you to jail,too funny- Seek sound advice before you post crap laik that,it makes you look stupid Now brush your teeth and go to bed This is the email I recived linked to this number, she is on facebook and has several posts all with different numbers Babhru Hazelhurst :am May hello Terry- Thanks for accepting me- Ugh, Geesh, tiring day I cant tell if it was great or shity yet though hahaha - Anyways, I?

Left two messages- No return call to confirm cancellation- Company does not seem legit??

Trace mobile phone number caller name address details for mobile phone number series 9054483.

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