Randy real world dating

Same people, same faces but..had no idea who these folks were.

And when Zach pulled Frank out of a fight to keep him cool, we officially gave up on the idea that we had ever known the former housemates at all. Tell us if you're surprised by how much their relationships have changed, and how you see them progressing through this season.

While preparing to meet this man in person, Angie received a call from Amy (her friend whom she spoke with at the wedding).

In minor hysterics, Amy explained that she had just gotten off the phone with her friend Randy — yes, the same Randy who Angie was about to meet in person! Needless to say, from date one, Angie and Randy hit it off.

What started as a risky dream for this ambitious couple has turned into a very successful family business.

There, her good friend Amy told Angie she had someone perfect in mind for Angie but the time just wasn’t right.

Angie was intrigued by this mysterious and perfect yet unavailable match but brushed it off for the time being.

Against her best judgment, Angie wrote back, beginning one of the most important message threads of her life.

Emails went back and forth until Angie and Randy started talking on the phone.

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