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First, check to see which of your friends is currently online for you to chat with.To do this go to the "Online Friends" tool at the bottom of your Facebook page and see who has a green dot next to their name and who has a moon.For added security, You Cam can lock the PC screen when your face is not in front the webcam.Starting your own face-to-face random webcam chat site has never been easier. Thanks to the latest Adobe Stratus peer-to-peer technology, a media server is no longer required, while bandwidth usage is zero.Choose from a variety of screen layouts, and freely draw on the presentation slide when you need to highlight key messages.With You Cam's motion detection technology, your webcam and PC function as home security system.

Redefine your universe with particles filters and distortions.

The level of popularity and notoriety reached by Chatroulette creates enormous room for niche random chat websites.

And Cam Chat is the easiest and cheapest solution to start your own Chatroulette clone website.

When you are editing your webcam pictures, You Cam’s facial recognition technology and suite of beautifying tools allow you to touch up your facial features, removing imperfections and making subtle enhancements.

You Cam's desktop recording feature delivers better performance and higher frame rate video than ever before.

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